I am an artist, researcher and ‘critical friend’. Currently, I work as a Post Graduate Researcher at Liverpool School of Art and Design (LJMU) where I study alternative interpretation programmes in contemporary art institutions; using research gathered at Tate Liverpool (Liverpool), with Community Collective and publics associated with Tate Exchange. Specifically, I specialise in the uses of language and narratives in collections, with the aim to promote dialogue between local publics and museums.


As part of my research, I have worked with publics to co-produce a project called 'The People's Glossary'; a collaborative artwork culminating in an online database, publication and series of zines, which will be made public in October 2018. To support this, I have also conducted ethnographic, action research to support my research at Tate Liverpool at mima (Middlesbrough) and Tŷ Pawb (Wrexham). Feminist practices have informed much of my research, and my broader art practice, and therefore my work references the work of Sara Ahmed, Sivia Federici and Chantal Mouffe.


In 2014, I co-founded and directed a CIC called Quad Collective in collaboration with Jess Fairclough, Aimee Harrison and Evelyn Broderick. Quad continues to act as an educational freelance group that works alongside art institutions such as Tate Liverpool, STATIC Gallery, The Royal Standard, The Walker Art Gallery, mima and MACBA.




Since 2015, I have worked with The Royal Standard; an artist-led gallery and studio complex in Liverpool. Firstly, as an artistic director for two years, and more recently as the administrative and financial director. In this role I worked alongside the artistic directors to support and facilitate the smooth-running of the charity as part of the management team.