I am an artist and action researcher. Currently, I am in the write-up year of practice-led doctoral research at Liverpool School of Art and Design at Liverpool John Moores University. Over the last three years, my practice has led me to analyze the uses of specialist language in contemporary art institutions. The aim of my work is to challenge power imbalances enacted through interpretation, mediation, and educational structures at work in museums; specifically drawing on Tate Liverpool's 'word clouds' as the primary case study. My action-research has led me to look specifically at use, power and knowledge production; using my art practice as a way to uncover the ethical implications of co-producing interpretation with museum communities. 


I have worked with publics to co-produce a project called 'The People's Glossary'; a collaborative artwork culminating in an online database, publication, and series of zines, which will be made public in 2019. To support this, I have also conducted ethnographic, action research at mima (Middlesbrough) and Tŷ Pawb (Wrexham). Feminist practices have informed much of my research, and my broader art practice, and therefore my work references the work of Sara Ahmed, Sivia Federici, and Chantal Mouffe.

If you'd like to see some of my discourse research please click here.