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Quad Collective



In 2014, myself and Evelyn Broderick, Jess Fairclough and Aimee Harrison formed Quad Collective; a collective and Community Interest Company (CIC). Quad was initiated as an answer to an ongoing frustration with the proliferation of top-heavy museums, institutions and art festivals in Liverpool, whom we perceived as unsustainable and inaccessible for young artists, students, and everyday publics.

Between 2014 and 2017, Quad acted as an educational freelance group that worked alongside art institutions such as Tate Exchange, Tate Liverpool, The Office of Useful Art, The Uses of Art Project, L'internationale, STATIC Gallery, The Walker Art Gallery, The Royal Standard, and Museo Reina Sofia.

Notable projects include Art Gym at Tate Liverpool, Our Studio at The Walker Art Gallery and See/Think/Do with Collaborative Arts Partnership Programme (CAPP).