I am an artist, researcher and facilitator. Primarily, my work is dedicated to creating frameworks to discuss art, power and language whilst working with a broad range of communities.

Having undertaken practice-based doctoral research at Liverpool John Moores University between 2015 and 2019, I use art and action research to encourage change in institutions. Titled ‘The People’s Glossary’, my PhD project is developed to equip communities to make interventions in galleries; to question interpretation, authorship, and expertise, and create alternative ‘ways to know about art’. Outcomes of the project include an online, crowdsourced resource, a series of zines and a toolkit.

Recent freelance projects include the facilitation and coordination of upcoming arts event titled ‘Festival of Hope’ (2020) at The Atkinson, Southport. Residencies include ‘Visible Voices’ (2018), Bow Arts, London and ‘Art, Activism and Language: Feminist Issues in Museums and Galleries’ (2017), Tate Exchange, Liverpool.

I live and work in Liverpool.

If you're interested in seeing some of my discourse analysis research then, please click here.