The 'thinking-business'

In 2017, whilst working at The Royal Standard - an artist-led studio and gallery in Liverpool - I facilitated a project and exhibition called The 'thinking-business', in collaboration with two artists; Paloma Proudfoot and Rebecca Ounstead

The idea for the project came in response to Hannah Arendt and Mary McCarthy's productive 'thinking' relationship, for whom;

    “It’s not so much that we think alike, but that we do this thinking-business for and with each other.’                Hannah Arendt

Consequently, The ‘thinking-business’ brought together Paloma and Rebecca's work to initiate a semi-collaborative and discursive practice. Through a long distance conversation, the project was an experiment to engender partnership, and explore the collaboration; its benefits and its difficulties.

The exhibition itself created a transgressive and immersive space where metal, ceramic and perishable objects, performance and costume straddled opposing forces of instinct and reason, pleasure and repulsion, primitivism and intellectualism.

As part of the exhibition programme, Aniela Piasecka and Paloma Proudfoot hosted a newly commissioned performance event. The poster and publication was designed and illustrated by local artist, Sumuyya Khadar.

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