The Next 100

In 2019, I was commissioned by Women East to create a zine that incorporated the voices, thoughts and feelings of women and girls during an event called The Next 100. By offering space to write, draw, cut and stick, together we created a manifesto for the next one hundred years of women's suffrage, and a list of deeds that might be useful for the feminists of the future.

Women East is a project that empowers women and girls in East London through arts and politics. With the aim to give a platform for all the brilliant, powerful, imaginative and passionate voices representing the area. The organisation aspires to celebrate the diversity and richness in the women of East London.

Women East started at the end of the suffrage centenary year with a project on the site in Stroudley Walk, Bow where Sylvia Pankhurst gave her first speech on the back of a cart. Through a series of workshops and events, local women and girls from the neighbourhood came together to talk and share, as well as produce and exhibit their own art work. The popularity, energy and diversity of this first project has demanded we do more... On Thursday, 19th September 2019, we hosted The Next 100. Taking place at the Tower Hamlets Library and Archives, in collaboration with the exhibition, ‘Unite and Resist! Protests in the East End’, The Next 100 looked forward. By bringing together politicians and our young future leaders, the event discussed the challenges and opportunities that face us; and what we might do to overcome them in the future.